Signature Collections

Coming Soon!

Soul Cole Collection:

The Soul Cole collection, featuring Brandon “Soul Cole” Coleman will be the first collaboration to kick off our signature collection lines. Inspired by his journey from professional football player to becoming an idolized wellness consultant and chief storyteller, we invite you into the world of SOUL.  


Consisting of various colors and designs this collection will resonate with our customers who value mental health, meditation, and are striving to find the best version of themselves. 


Carter James Lifestyle: The Gentlemen's Collection 

The Carter James Lifestyle collection is dedicated to the men who are gentlemen, game changers, trendsetters, and icons. With qualities others emulate and some want to be close to, it's the man who wants to move beyond the status quo and become something extraordinary. This collection will offer elegant styles along with minimalist designs that can be styled for casual wear, business professional or formal occasions.